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Teaser : Morrocan Lounge reçoit Hicham Lasri

Moroccan Writers collaborate with l'ODJ to make Moroccan Lounge, a new show that breaks the boundaries of literature and explores the literary world to its extremities and its relation to art, cinema, and music.

Moroccan Lounge welcomes a guest each episode to discuss a different literary subject. For its third episode, it discusses the underline subject of the fine line between cinema and literature in Morocco. For that, it welcomes Hicham Lasri a Moroccan comics artist, film director, novelist, producer and screenwriter to speak about his opinions, journey and experience and success in the worlds of cinema and literature.

He goes into further detail about his life in Casablanca in his youth to the great success of his works in cinema like his latest work sidi valentin, which is considered the first Moroccan work in the platform of Netflix.

Watch the new episode on all L'ODJ platforms.

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Samedi 4 Juin 2022

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